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Cherry & Mole Removal

Relief for Calmer, Smoother Skin

Mole and cherry angioma removal

'cherry' angiomas or red moles

Cherry angioma can be a deep red, blue, purple or black, and can really impact the confidence of those suffering with these vascular issues. While we do educate our clients on the recurring nature of these types of vessels, your practitioner can put together a treatment plan, and tailor a customised package to suit your needs, and to ensure that ongoing maintenance treatments are within affordable limits.

How diathermy works

If your mole is raised above the skin we use diathermy treatment, which is a type of heat, to burn the mole away from the skin. As there is no cut in the skin, there are no stitches. If your mole is flat we use a laser to remove your mole.

Once the mole is removed, the skin underneath will be initially pink or red and will slowly fade and blend with the surrounding skin over time.

Your beauty is unique to us

While we are in the business of helping a diverse range of people reach their aesthetic goals, live an easier life with incumberance of skin issues, and enjoy the confidence that comes with allaying a short or long-term issue that bothers you. not all anomalies and differences are 'imperfections', and we aren't here to stamp out what makes you individually beautiful and unique.

Who is anyone to say that something must be 'removed' in order to meet a beauty standard, or to impose a standard of beauty at all? We want to remind you that, just because we have the technology or method to remove, alter or erase something, does not mean you have to.


Additional Information

A customised package will be developed to suit your needs and budget, ensuring ongoing maintenance are within affordable limits.

Common Questions

What are Cherry Angiomas?

Named for their bright red colour and round shape, cherry angiomas are fairly common skin growths that are typically found on men or women over the age of 30. Their red appearance is caused by broken blood vessels found inside the growth. Also known as ‘senile angiomas’ or ‘Campbell de Morgan spots’, they are not regarded as a health risk but should nevertheless be monitored to ensure they don’t change colour or shape over time. Fortunately, Cryotherapy is an effective cherry angiomas treatment method, resulting in successful removal.

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