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Jenna Heaney

Our all-rounder cosmetic injector & resident beauty expert!
Jenna's face is one that many of our clientele recognise from other clinics and salons around the local area, and is a welcome site for many!

As well as providing the full range of cosmetic injectables, laser and skin solutions, Jenna has experience across a diverse range of therapeutic skin solutions, and her skillset even extends to include eyebrow tattooing... Talk about having an eye for symmetry!

Jenna balances her working weeks around being the mother of two little ones, in-clinic treating, and furthering her skillset with various additional qualifications.

You can get to know Jenna and learn about the wide variety of treatment modalities we have on-hand, by scheduling a virtual or in-person consultation, using our online booking system, or calling our friendly team on (03) 9439 0305, or even more quickly by using our online booking system.

You can also connect with Jenna directly, and send through any queries you may have, directly via e-mail here

Education & Qualifications

Anti-Wrinkle Injections
Galderma Academy
Midface Dermal Filler (Correction & Augmentation)
Galderma Academy
Percutaneous Collagen Induction Therapy (Skin Pen) Advanced Training
AST Academy
AHPRA-Registered Health Practitioner