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Dr Mira Klein

After completing her medical degree in 2002, Mira worked in various areas of medicine including remote Australia and Torres Strait Island, where hands on skills were important. Mira’s background of lecturing at medical school in New Zealand helped her to master knowledge of anatomy and physiology of human body essential for practicing cosmetic medicine.

Mira eventually sub specialised and became a General Practitioner with interest in skin and anti-aging medicine. She combined her love for medicine, aesthetic and procedural skills and trained in cosmetic medicine. She is known for her gentle artistic approach, and tailors her treatment to the individual’s needs to make clients feel confident and attractive. She believes in a biopsychosocial model of holistic care when combining anti-aging treatment with managing overall health gives a better outcome.

Education & Qualifications

Bachelor of Health Science
Medical, 2002
AHPRA Registered Health Practitioner