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Salon Pay

Like everything we do at Eltham Cosmetic Clinic, we tailor options to our clients' unique, individual needs.

An alternative payment solution

We’ve introduced Salon Pay; a unique system that enables you to enjoy the treatments and products you love, but with a variety of flexible ways to pay for them. We can tailor a payment plan to suit your budget, lifestyle or pay-day cycle, and you can pay in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.

This makes it manageable to gradually pay off a treatment plan total (e.g. a skin treatment package of 4, or a full skincare kit replenish), meaning you can enjoy the treatments you wish to have now, while gradually funding them at your own pace.

salon pay safety

First, we create a client file for you within our private Salon Pay portal. We enter the details of your nominated card of choice, and once entered, the card details are protected by the leading payment processing systems, which hold AFSL and are PCI DSS Level One certified. We can then automate payments of your choosing, from your chosen bank account, for any goods or services you would like with us.

Lump Sum Payments On Your Terms

A similar concept to AfterPay that we are all familiar with, Salon Pay gives you much more control over exactly how and when you pay, and can be tailored to your preferences.

The main difference between AfterPay and Salon Pay is that AfterPay divides your total purchase amount into four equal payments, regardless of how much that may work out to be, and proceeds to withdraw payments fortnightly until the total is paid.

Create Your Dream Skincare Package

Create your own dream skin treatment or skincare package, receive an incredible price, then Salon Pay the total in four instalments. You could quite literally build your own package, for example, four deluxe laser facials, one express laser facial, three skincare products, and the total value would be calculated, discounted as packages are, and then that total can be part-paid over four fortnightly instalments. Our clinic software will subtract from your account each credited treatment, each time you visit us.

As a result, Salon Pay allows you to simply schedule in your treatments at four or six-weekly intervals, at your most ideal day and time, and the rest is taken care of.

Never Run out Again

Auto-ship your essential skincare items! Salon Pay can also be used to save you the time and effort of re-ordering or re-purchasing your essential skincare items, so those two or three essential items you can’t live without are automatically replenished when they’re running low.

We automate weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments, equalling the value of your favourite products, and then they’ll be automatically shipped to your doorstep, just before you have to go without!

Auto-Ship of skincare products also entitles you to check-ins with one of our dermal clinicians, just prior to posting out your products, to ensure they’re still the best and most suitable products for your skin at the time.

skincare auto-ship... automate your deliveries!

Even though it's automated; we still make sure you're receiving what you need, which changes over time, seasonally, and with the fluctuations in our lifestyle.

Schedule a 15-minute Skincare Consultation, which involves our dermal clinician can 'check-in' with you and your skin; ensuring your auto-ship skincare products are tailored to the present-day needs of your skin.

ECC VIP Skin Memberships

Another convenient way our savvy clients are opting to use Salon Pay with us, is as a kind of ‘fund’. Clients sign on for weekly deductions and set appointments for every three months, so that when attending the clinic for treatments, they simply use whatever their accumulated total is in the fund on the day to pay for the treatment.

You have the ability to check what the total of your fund is at any point, or opt to have a phone call from our administrative team to let you know your total at a nominated timeframe of your choosing, prior to your appointment. The total of the fund is used toward payment of treatment on the day; if it isn’t all needed it can be used for skincare products, towards other treatments, or simply left safely in the fund for future use.