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When clients present to our clinic with skin conditions or concerns that we feel are of a digestive, hormonal or internal origin, or if our in-clinic treatments are healing only part of the picture, we call on our esteemed nutritionist and all-round 'inside-out skin expert' Jacinta!

Jacinta is a women’s health nutritionist, and founder of Orenda Women’s Health. By combining assessment of diet, gut health, lifestyle and medical status, Jacinta calls on a wide range of modalities to get to the bottom of what causes these short-term or long-term ailments.

We found this incredible woman when our clinic owner became a client of Jactina's herself, and after almost twenty-three years of acne, migraines and inconsistent energy, saw an incredible turnaround, simply by making small lifestyle and diet changes, and by using one compounded bespoke supplement powder daily. Shortly after, our entire team became clients of Jacinta's too, calling other expertise to get to the bottom of many different long-term hormonal and digestive issues that have plagued our team!

Jacinta Nutritionist uses a clinical approach to help women with a range of health concerns including skin (acne, eczema, POD, rosacea etc.), reproductive and digestive conditions.


Jacinta offers online consultation which includes a comprehensive assessment of your health case to identify the potential root cause or triggers of your presenting condition. 

You can read more about our consultations here.


Functional Pathology is a form of advanced private pathology testing which allows your practitioner further insight into the functional, metabolic, hormonal and biochemical status of your health.

You can read more about our pathology testing here.


Kylie Naturopath

Kylie is a passionate holistic naturopathic practitioner focused on working with women with anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, gut, hormonal and skin imbalances. With her combined experience as a Naturopath and Kinesiologist, Kylie provides a truly Holistic treatment utilising her knowledge of evidence-based herbal and nutritional medicine but also releasing emotional blockages and sabotage programming with Kinesiology. 

Kylie has a passion for the combination of functional medicine testing, traditional Naturopathic case-taking and Energetic testing to enable healing throughout the body, mind and spirit. Kylie helps her clients to find answers to what is "going wrong" in their physical bodies as well as emotional support for moving forward through stressful times or significant life changes. 

Kylie is a member of the Australia Natural Therapies Association (ANTA) and has a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and a Diploma in Kinesiology.

Book a consultation with Kylie here.


Enquire today about Orenda's Education Hub. Their online education platform is your one-stop educational hub for all things hormone, skin, gut, stress and more. The hub is frequently updated on exclusive content and access to the latest information, this will be your go-to for all your health related question, practical tools to implement in your individual/client treatment plans and educational updates. Their educational hub caters learning experiences for all including practitioners, beauty therapists, clients and more.

 Click here to book a session at Orenda's Education Hub.