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About Our Clinic

Receive expert advice, skin therapy solutions and certified product recommendations.

Our Origins

Eltham Cosmetic Clinic came to life in 2017, in our leafy suburb located thirty minutes away from the hustle-and-bustle of Melbourne's inner city.
Our founder and director Amy Wright is a registered nurse, with over twelve years of experience within the cosmetic-medical sector, and envisioned creating a space where clients could feel safe; never 'sold to'; and an environment to visit for treatments, feeling secure in the knowledge that only the most suitable, safe, and beneficial options would be suggested to you; without any pushy sales pitches or 'targets' to be hit by the team.

where we are now

As time went on, Amy amassed a team of aligned, passionate team members, to now be ten strong, and counting! It has since blossomed into a destination boutique clinic, where client-focused skin, health and wellbeing is the primary focus. In the few short years of operation, the clinic has blossomed to house a tight-knit team of passionate, experienced doctors, nurses and dermal clinicians, whose combined years of industry experience and knowledge has bloomed our clinic into what it is today.

the ecc family grew

Our Clinic brings the best of the industry in terms of staff and treatment technology, together into one place. We place an unsurpassed emphasis on client-focused care, honesty and integrity.

Our team of experienced doctors, registered nurses and dermal clinicians are knowledgable and passionate about providing the very best of care. We offer the full range of cosmetic injectable procedures, including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, skin-boosters for scarring and skin texture, collagen biostimulators for volume and skin-tightening.

our treatments

As time went on, and new team members joined the family, Eltham Cosmetic Clinic was able to offer a wide scope of treatments, therapies and products, all hand-selected for being at the forefront of industry developments, and of course, the utmost of safe options for our trusting clientele.

We offer the full range of laser and skin treatments and solutions, for conditions such as pigmentation, sun damage, redness and vascular concerns, through to chronic conditions such as acne and rosacea. With our inter-disciplinary team of trained professionals, we love to collaborate for our clients, to brainstorm and provide the ultimate solution!

skin health first!

We also provide the full spectrum of laser skin treatments using vascular technology to treat a diverse range of skin conditions including pigmentation, sun damage, broken capillaries/red veins, rosacea, redness and flushing, poor skin texture and tone, and genesis treatments for boosting and enlivening the skin.

purpose-lead; with integrity.

We believe that a united team, operating under shared purpose, mission and values, makes for a lasting, ethical, world-class clinic. Operating with Integrity, and our 'best-practice always' policy, make our clinic unlike any other when it comes to selecting a place, and team, to entrust your most valuable asset with!

we'd love to welcome you

Get in touch with us here at the clinic by calling (03) 9439 0305 or you can reach us via email at