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Not surprisingly, pigmentation, discolouration, and patchy sun-damaged skin is something we see frequently in our clinic. A remarkable improvement can be made to these skin concerns, just by using the right cosmeceutical-grade skincare at home.

Unsure of which pigmentation product to invest in? Our team of expert dermal clinicians and cosmetic nurses are on-hand to assess your current skin status, guide, and advise your product selections, so not a single product purchased from us will gather dust on your bathroom shelf! Schedule your Skincare Consultation with our friendly and knowledgable team, which can be done from the comfort of your own home. 



Mela Cream


Foamer 15

$66.00 $82.50

Light Ceutic Light Ceutic

Light Ceutic

$59.90 $89.00

Pigment Punch Body Pigment Punch Body

Pigment Punch Body

$39.60 $49.50

C3 Infusion serum C3 Infusion serum

C3 Infusion serum

Price on Request

X-Cell+ Serum

Price on Request

Serum 24

Price on Request

Even Tone Serum

Price on Request
Simply Brilliant Serum Simply Brilliant Serum

Simply Brilliant Serum

$88.75 $110.00

Brightening Serum Brightening Serum

Brightening Serum

$76.00 $95.00