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Sustainable Salons

Proudly Partnered with Sustainable Alternatives

sustainable salons - our partners in 'green'

Eltham Cosmetic Clinic is committed to minimising our impact on the environment, locally and globally, and have an awareness of how the day to day running of our busy clinic may have, in terms of resources used and waste output, within the course of running a busy business six days per week. For this reason, we are proudly partnered with Sustainable Salons; an incredible initiative focused on minimising necessary waste, specifically paper and plastic. Originally intended for the hairdressing industry, Sustainable Salons was founded by two very forward-thinking professionals from the hair and fashion industries; who witnessed first-hand the volume of waste generated within their industry, and contemplated the magnitude of just how staggering the collective volume would be, from each and every salon, each day, each week, each month of operation!

worthy time investment

Each week, our dedicated team members invite their valuable time in collecting separating and sorting the clean waste generated by our practice. This is then placed in our (infamous) purple bin you (can't help but) notice when you visit us, which is then collected by Sustainable Salon volunteers each fortnight.

Plastic packaging is sent to specialist local plastics recyclers where it’s cleaned and made into outdoor furniture, landscape supplies and new product packaging, keeping it in circulation and out of our oceans! All aluminium, foil, colour tubes, cardboard, paper, magazines, razor blades, unwanted tools and select disposables are sold for recycling.

You can see where proceeds are largely distributed to; a large portion being donated to OzHarvest to provide meals for those in need in Melbourne and around the country.

Committed to reducing waste

As a social enterprise, Sustainable Salons use financial proceeds to create local employment, support charities and those doing it tough (financially, resource-driven and through volunteering), all while striving to improve the program, to further minimise the beauty industry’s impact on the planet. Sustainable Salons are continuously strive to improve their practices, for our community and our planet!

empowering individuals

The dedicated Sustainable Salons volunteers visit our clinic fortnightly, to collect our perfectly viable plastics, paper, metals, and all other clean recyclable waste items. Once further sorted at their depot, these items are sold and repurposed, with all proceeds of this process being used for the benefit of local communities, individuals in need, and of course, Mother Nature!

pay it forward

Sustainable Salons has now made it possible for the clients who visit us to eliminate 95% of the negative impact of their treatment or service, for just $2 on their final service bill.

The $2 Sustainable Salons fee minimises the ecological footprint of each salon visit and supports a range of important sustainability and community initiatives, including:

40% – Resource collection and redirection
25% – Implementing green practices
20% – Supporting the community
10% – Researching recycling solutions
5% – Awareness and education.

When you list all the benefits, we like to think the planet is worth a tiny $2! We believe that when used right, a healthy income is a strong part of the sustainability model and allows us to concentrate on what’s fruitful – ethically-minded business growth that creates jobs, products that advance the human race without destroying our habituate and security for our next generation to live in a world where quality of life comes standard.

a few of Our favourite (green) things...

Our clinic is kept squeaky clean with products that also align with our values, not harming the environment with harsh chemicals, and also ensuring team members and clients within our space! Koh Universal cleaner is our go-to for general cleaning and polishing of all things!


When sending your beautiful skin potions from our online boutique skincare shop, we opt for only packaging and shipping materials that don't harm the environment in any way.

We love the brand 'noissue' , an Australian-owned company founded to provide makers, brands and businesses of all sizes access to sustainable packaging. NoIssue is as committed to sustainability as we are; and we can rely on them to provide our shipping boxes, packing materials, right through to the stickers, tape, and thermal address labels, are all compostable, biodegradable, and made from recycled materials wherever possible!

NoIssue formed the Eco-Packaging Alliance, which means with every order we place of shipping materials and supplies, we contribute to global reforestation, by planting a tree in our designated area of need.


We also love Heaps Good Packaging, another Aussie made and owned shipping goods company, for their biodegradable and compostable mailer bags and padded bags for your larger goodies to reach you in safely

a clean green clinic-without the waste!

We adore our green, vibrant town, and are proud to make sure our business has minimal impact on its natural surroundings. We are striving towards a zero-waste business, and are always learning too! If you have any suggestions or insight as to how we can do better to increase our practises, please let us know by getting in touch.

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