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As an institution of our Northern suburb, we seek to align and support local community groups, charities and organisations

Supporting local Charities & Non-Profits

Our clinic weathered the storm of COVId-19, and the impact it had on small businesses throughout Victoria like ours. Although grateful for the continued support we received from our community during those challenging times, we are well aware of the impact it had on the lives of people everywhere, that reach long into our future.

When the world reopened after the lockdown period, and life restarted again as we knew it, the need for support in other areas became apparent. We're thrilled to be able to work with organisations that make a difference to the local community.

Charity Organisations

Women’s Housing Ltd
Women’s Housing Limited (WHL) is a not for profit organisation that provides low costs housing to women at risk of homelessness
Immune Deficiencies Foundation Australia
IDFA supports Australians living with immunodeficiency through education, awareness and advocacy
Oz Harvest
Collecting quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivering it directly to more than 1300 charities supporting people in need across the country
Sustainable Salons
Helping salons and their clients reduce their impact on the planet, while investing in local communities