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The most overlooked and forgotten about area of our skin; which is often the most in need of some TLC!

We have a wide range of at-home products to nourish and resurface the hands, as well as in-clinic treatments that profoundly rejuvenate the texture, tone and thickness of the skin on the backs of our hands, from injectable skin boosting treatments, to lasers for removing spots and discolouration, collagen boosting solutions, and such more! Often a combination approach of both at-home and in-clinic treatments is the way to optimal results, which is popular particular with our brides or those with important upcoming events to prepare for.

Head to the Injectable Skin Boosters page for more information on how our cosmetic nursing team can take your hands to a whole new level of smooth and supple, or better yet, schedule a Cosmetic Injectables Consultation to find out everything you need to know about all that we offer.

Pigment Punch Body Pigment Punch Body

Pigment Punch Body

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Hand Smoothing Kit


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