Skin Discovery Session


Our Skin Discovery Session is our signature all-inclusive, one-on-one skin consultation and assessment. In just 20-30 minutes, our experienced skin clinicians walk you through an in-depth skin discovery journey unlike any you've had before!

Redeemable toward prescription skincare. Zero obligation to commit to purchasing anything or commit to treatments.

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What is a Skin Discovery Session?

After the session, you will have a complete analysis of your skin, across all layers, as well as its surface appearance and behaviours, and we'll have a science-based, straightforward treatment plan should you wish to go ahead, as well as a completely customised, medical grade skincare regimen, created just for you!

We start with a verbal consultation, walking you through our essential questionnaire, to uncover the basics about your skin, how it behaves, and any concerns or queries you may have. By asking just the right questions, we can uncover a lot about your unique skin.

More Than 'Skin Deep'

We know that the exterior surface of the skin doesn't always show us the full picture of just what's going on... That's why we've invested in skin-scanning technology that allows us to view the deeper layers of the skin, in a systematic way, to really understand what is at the base of potential problems or chronic conditions.

The use of this machine doesn't require X-Ray technology or anything harmful, and takes around ten seconds in total, providing invaluable information that will inform and guide the rest of your treatment planning and the ingredients we select to formulate your skincare with!

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Bespoke Skincare

Perfect For You

Many of our clients are already using our medical-grade, dermatological skincare range, Dermaviduals; with incredible results. This is our in-house skincare range that we formulate and customise for you on the spot, while you wait, and the Skin Discovery Session and Skin Scanner ensures the ingredients and blends your skincare regimen contains are absolutely perfect for you!

Plan Your Best Skin Yet

No two skins are the same, and the approach to treating and enhancing your skin should be as unique as you are. Many people are plagued by minor to major skin concerns their whole lives, which can be painlessly corrected with the right at-home skincare products, and often a course of comfortable and enjoyable in-clinic skin treatments, at the caring hands of our skin experts.

By sitting down to a Skin Discovery Session, a planned approach to correcting, treating, and improving your skin to its ultimate best is put in place, with scheduled visits usually between four to eight weeks, depending on our shared goals.

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    Skin Discovery Session

    Our experienced skin clinicians walk you through an in-depth skin discovery journey unlike any you've had before!

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