Our Treatments

At Eltham Cosmetic Clinic we firmly believe that comprehensive consultation, assessment, and the thorough education of each and every client is paramount to excellent treatment outcomes. The time spent with your practitioner during consultation is vitally important for communicating your concerns, your lifestyle and medical history. We ask that each of our new clients sets aside 45-60 minutes to engage in a comprehensive one-on-one consultation with your practitioner.

Please understand that full disclosure of medical/treatment history is paramount to not only your treatment outcome but your safety. Although all treatments provided at ECC are voluntary and of a cosmetic nature, invasive procedures are being performed, and there are some conditions, medications, disorders and lifestyle factors that may render some clients unsuitable for one or some of our treatment platter. We trust that by providing you with the most comprehensive honest information you will do us the same justice in fully disclosing medical information which may affect your treatment.

As discretion and confidentiality is paramount, please only bring friends, family members or partners to your appointments if you are comfortable disclosing medical information in their presence.