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Collagen Biostimulators

Revolumize & Lift your Skin

Collagen Bio-Stimulators

Similar in effect to traditional dermal fillers, but using your body’s very own collagen instead! Collagen bio-stimulators are used to replace lost volume and lift areas of the face that have dropped or deflated over time, and to create lift, but in a slightly different way. Just like dermal fillers, collagen bio-stimulators are a watery compound made up of a TGA approved, prescription-only collagen-stimulating ingredient which triggers natural collagen production within the skin it is placed in.

Skin Stimulation

After numbing the designated treatment area to ensure client comfort, your clinician will strategically administer the solution in the specific areas of the face, stimulating the production of collagen at specific areas. This creates lift, restores volume and improves skin texture and firmness in the most natural way!

targeted boosting

By stimulating your body to grow collagen in these specific areas, we have effectively created the same effect as traditional dermal fillers, but instead with your very own collagen, which will appear gradually over the six weeks following the initial treatment. By administering collagen stimulating substance into specific areas of the face that require additional collagen, whether it be to repair lost volume to lift away folds, improve jowling, or to create generalised tightening of the skin to create ‘lift’ right where it’s needed, we can trigger the body into producing collagen in specific locations of our own design.


Biostimulators can be used conservatively on our younger clientele as a natural preventative treatment, or for older clients with more advanced signs of ageing. It is ideal for those looking to rejuvenate multiple areas across the face and are interested in finding a longterm solution.


We are fond of this treatment as a global solution to generalised ageing, defining the jawline by supporting the skin, and lifting hollows under the eyes by rejuvenating the cheek area.


Additional Information

*When administered within the same appointment.

Common Questions

How do Collagen Bio-Stimulants compare to dermal fillers?

These two treatments are often used interchangeably; but you may find that collagen bio stimulants are a more cost-effective way to treat multiple areas of the face, and also offer a more cost-efficient maintenance moving forward than some dermal filler treatments. While dermal fillers are made of a sterile injectable gel, and add volume, lift, and fill hollowness, collagen biostimulants are a powdered substance that is injected into areas needing rejuvenation and 'collagen boosting'. Dermal fillers give an instant result; whereas Collagen Bio-Stimulants can take up to six weeks to gradually grow collagen to the treated area. Dermal fillers can take several treatments to each the desired result, and require re-treatments when the body has absorbed the filler, whereas the ten to twelve-monthly maintenance treatments required with collagen stimulants is a different approach to anti-ageing and full-facial restoration.

How many treatments will I need?

Collagen bio-stimulators are administered as a course of treatments, performed at six to eight weekly intervals. Generally, your first treatment will involve two vials of the solution, which is made primarily of Poly-L Lactic Acid.The recommended number of vials required for each client is generally one per decade of life (i.e. at fifty years of age, a total of five vials is recommended as best practice), however many clients opt for just one to two treatments initially, as a gentle introduction to the treatment.

How long will collagen biostimulators last?

As with all injectable procedures, the treatment results, and their subsequent longevity, varies between clients depending on age, and the number of vials of solution they opt to have administered throughout their treatment course. Other factors that impact the results individuals may have with this treatment include previous and current sun exposure, daily skincare, and medical factors such as chronic illness, medications, and of course lifestyle factors including stress, daily water intake, sleep, smoking, alcohol consumption and ongoing sun exposure. However, regardless of your life story, we have a wide spectrum of solutions on-hand at Eltham Cosmetic Clinic, and our staff can tailor a treatment plan for every single individual.

What must I do to take care of my face after treatment?

Your injecting nurse will explain in detail the massaging protocol that we require of all of our clients, following their collagen biostimulating treatment. We will demonstrate for you how to perform these massages, and need you to perform these yourself, five times per day, for the first five days after your visit with us. This is an essential component of this type of treatment; as it ensures a smooth even distribution of the collagen stimulant throughout the skin, and prevents adverse outcomes.

Are Collagen Bio-Stimulants expensive?

Clients find that, once their initial course of treatments is complete, the maintenance is relatively inexpensive. One vial of collagen bio stimulants yields enough product to treat multiple areas of the face, whereas dermal fillers are more targeted, and require larger volumes to achieve desired results. The longevity often means that collagen-biostimulants are often a more cost-effective solution to anti-ageing.

Will people know I've had Collagen Bio-Stimulants?

In short, no. The results of this treatment are extremely natural looking, as they only seek to restore lost volume, and restore the skin texture and turgor to its former glory; not to create a drastic change that isn't natural to your look. Immediately after your treamtne, there may be swelling and bruising in some areas, but once healed, the results are extremely natural and subtle.

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