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Laser Genesis

Rejuvenate the skin and stimulate collagen production with minimal downtime

Anti-Aging Laser Facial Treatment

A clinic favourite; the laser genesis is our go-to laser facial treatment for brightening, tightening, and boosting your overall ‘glow’ factor, with no downtime! By using safe thermal technology to stimulate collagenesis within your skin, this universally loved treatment works beautifully in conjunction with other treatments, or on its own. Laser facials are more of an all-round treatment; and include three full-face passes, each targeting different layers of the skin, and stimulating improvement and tightening of the skin.

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Boost collagen production

This innovative medical-grade laser machine can be the solution to a host of both superficial and deeper, more long-term skin conditions and concerns. Whether it be improving overall skin tone and texture, improving the complexion to reveal a more even, uniform appearance of the skin across the face, to boosting collagen and overall plumping and rejuvenation, this technology can address so many concerns, oftentimes within the same appointment!

redness, flushing and red veins

Do you notice that when you step out of a hot shower, climb a flight of stairs, or perhaps notice after a glass of wine or two, your face becomes red and flushed? This frustrating occurrences is very common, and can be managed efficiently and painlessly using a combination of this cutting-edge laser technology, as well as a few simple steps at home using your prescribed skincare products.

Our laser technology... all bases covered

We have on-hand the most up to date in medical-grade laser technology; with a variety of machines that deliver the most frequently-requested and popular treatments; and for a wide range of skin types too! With a wide breadth of options on-hand, our clinicians and nurses have within their reach any given time all of the laser technology options your skin could possibly warrant.

q-switch laser safety

One of our laser machines is a Pastelle Quick-Switched Level 4 laser; popular for taking care of superficial skin concerns such as pigmentation, congestion, open or enlarged pores, and managing breakouts and problematic skin. The beauty of this machine is that its wavelength settings enable us to safely treat darker skin types, which previously were deemed unsafe for laser procedures, due to the increased risk of Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIHP). We now have a modality which, in the hands of trained and experienced professionals, can offer solutions to groups of people who were previously excluded from the world of laser treatments.

power v-laser technology

Another laser machine that doesn't get a break during our busy clinic days is the V-Laser, a powerful vascular laser designed to target skin concerns that relate to blood vessels, inflammation, redness, rosacea, and clean away broken capillaries or 'red veins' that become bothersome and alter the clarity of your complexion.

THe V-Laser is the machine we use for traditional Laser Genesis treatments; which stimulate collagenesis within the skin, encouraging the cells to perform optimally, and boost the overall skin vitality, by heating the skin to 42 degrees celsius. Ensuring the correct temperature is achieved within each facial zone by using touches thermometers enable our clinicians to provide a consistently A1 standard of service, and to execute this laser facial procedure to perfection each and every time, as designed.


Laser Genesis Facial

Single Treatment


Laser Genesis Package

3 sessions


Premium Full-Service Laser Genesis Facial


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