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Tattoo Removal

Using Pastelle Laser Technology to remove unwanted tattoos

Laser Treatment

We all have regrets from our younger years, but thankfully a solution is on hand! Laser treatments to remove tattoos are very quick and effective, and in some cases require as few as six treatments to minimise the woes of past impulsiveness. The number of treatments required, and the cost per treatment, will vary depending on the size of the tattoo itself, as well as the ink colour used.

We are proud to offer advanced tattoo removal technology together with superior training and customer service to the highest medical standards. Our clinicians will provide you with education and aftercare instructions, to optimise the results and healing of each visit.


Small Tattoo (2.5cm x 2.5cm)

$93 each when purchasing pack of 6


Medium (5cm x 5cm)

$162 each when purchasing pack of 6


Large (A5 Size)

$219 each when purchasing pack of 6


Extra Large (A4 Size)

$314 each when purchasing pack of 6


Additional Information

As no two tattoos are identical, Eltham Cosmetic Clinic offers bespoke treatments to our clients. Book in for a free consultation in regards to removing that unwanted ink.

Common Questions

How does Pastelle Laser tattoo removal work?

The laser delivers a very short (nanosecond) burst of light energy into the tattoo. The wavelength of the light and the amount of power delivered by each laser type varies among the types of lasers. The energy from the light causes the ink pigments in the skin to heat very quickly and then break apart into smaller pieces that are more easily absorbed by the body.

How safe is this type of laser treatment?

Lasers utilise a single wavelength to deliver energy to target tissue. Common targets in skin are pigments, blood and water. Q-Switched Lasers are a special category of lasers that can deliver energy in extremely short bursts. As a result, this unique property makes it an ideal laser for treating pigment-related conditions such as freckles, sunspots, birthmarks or tattoos. The ultra-short bursts of energy delivered by the laser disrupt the pigment-containing cells within the skin, leading to fading and clearing of the treated area.

How many sessions do I need to remove my tattoo?

The procedure for the whole tattoo to be removed may take up to two to 12 sessions, depending on factors like skin type, location, colour, amount of ink, etc. Typically, amateur tattoos will require two to four treatments or more; professional tattoos will require six to 10 or more. The inks will lighten and fade after each session.

Will it cost a lot of money to remove my tattoo?

As with most laser procedures, multiple sessions may be required to achieve the desired results; this is why our clinicians provide a tailored treatment plan to each of our clients. Treatment packages are also available to reduce the overall price when wanting to remove your tattoo

Will my tattoo be completely removed once I've finished my laser treatments?

While we strive to fully remove the tattoo from your skin; many find that a very feint remnant remains where the tattoo once was, which on most skin types is impossible to see.

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