Nuture Both Your Inner Peace & Outer Radiance

Here at Eltham Cosmetic Clinic, we believe in an holistic approach when focusing all aspects of skin health and rejuvenation….

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To purify the skin and remove any impurities that have accumulated on the skin throughout the day.


An application of our go-to pre event chemical peel, perfect for brightening, hydrating, and rejuvenating the skin, suitable for all skin types. Social downtime: none.


A décolletage, shoulder and facial therapeutic massage to increase lymph circulation, boost immune response and decrease stress.


Your therapist will choose from our bespoke selection of enzyme treatments, clay masques and hydration boosting hydrojelly masks to target specific skin concerns and enhance skin barrier function.


Drift into a 10 minute or 20 minute guided meditation while under an LED Light Therapy treatment.


A bespoke serum blend specific to your skin needs is massaged into the skin along with a hydrating probiotic mask treatment and SPF for you to conquer your day!

  • • Release Mindfulness Facial

    45 Minutes


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  • • Elevate Mindfulness Facial

    60 Minutes


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  • • Additional Information

    Skin must be assessed for suitability and safety prior to any treatment taking place.

Common Questions

Is there any downtime involved with this treatment?

There is no downtime associated with a mindfulness facial. You may feel relaxed and refreshed for several hours after your treatment, but there should be no visible changes to your skin. You may experience some slight skin sensitivity over the next few days or even a few minimal breakouts depending on the treatments included during your facial.

How often should I have this treatment?

We would love to see you again in 4-8 weeks to continue your skin journey and most importantly, put aside some time for YOU!

What can I do at home to maintain results in-between sessions?

Take some time for you. Whether it's taking a warm bath, reading a good book or a quick guided meditation before bed, make sure to prioritise self-care in-between appointments! We will also provide you with a link to our most loved Mindfulness/Meditation Playlists so you don’t have search for hours on end yourself trying to find the perfect fit. Hydration is key to maintaining your skin's radiance and encouraging all the cells in your body to function optimally. Make sure to drink plenty of water and use a nourishing moisturiser to keep you feeling good on the inside and the outside.