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Skin Boosters

For the Prevention of Fine Lines & Scarring

Fine Lines & Scarring

Using a very fine type of hyaluronic acid dermal filler, SkinBoosters are administered into the upper layers of the skin using very fine needles, improving skin texture, and treating superficial fine lines, scars and acne scarring, and dramatically improving overall skin texture. It works by employing two mechanisms that create changes in the skin that result in improved skin texture. The first is the action of the small puncture with the skin causes collagen induction, by signalling to the skin that a wound has occurred on a microscopic level, causing the body to respond by sending all the healing cells to the area like collagen and elastin, and to rebuild the skin in the area in a more perfect renewed way.

Restorative Hydration Solutions

The second mechanism that makes Skin Boosters incredible is the fact that droplets of hyaluronic acid gel are being deposited under the skin, instantly binding water molecules to this layer of skin and boosting hydration in a beautiful and restorative way.

We like to think of SkinBoosters as an injectable skin treatment, rather than a traditional ‘filler’ type of procedure, as it is really working on the uppermost layers of skin to create targeted improvements we can see superficially. Similar to any skin treatment, a course of SkinBoosters is recommended as opposed to a stand-alone treatment; however the results obtained after 3-6 treatments can last for nine months to two years, depending on the severity, and the care taken of the skin in general.

Biostim can be used conservatively on our younger clientele as a natural preventative treatment, or for older clients with more advanced signs of ageing.


Additional Information

*Pricing applies when administered within the same appointment. Please note that there are medical contraindications for this procedure and not suitable for every client. A full consultation including a medical contusion with one of our doctors will take place prior to commencing any treatment of this nature, to determine suitability.

Common Questions

What do Skin Boosters treat?

Skin boosters are essentially a form of injectable skin care. They are suitable for all skin types, but are particularly effective at transforming dull, dehydrated, and rough skin. They are otherwise known as skin glow treatments. All areas of the face can be treated, from the forehead to the chin, even the neck, although more commonly the lower face is targeted where skin tends to sag more with laxity. The backs of hands can also be rejuvenated using Skin Boosters to minimise the appearance of sinuous tendons and other age-related changes.

What is involved in treatment?

We assess your face or hands to see if you are a good candidate for Skin Boosters. Local anaesthetic injections can be used at the entry site to numb the area prior to treatment and Skin Boosters come prepackaged already containing local anaesthetic, so overall the procedure is relatively comfortable. We use a cannula (a fine blunt-ended instrument to bypass bloods vessels and nerves) to administer the product. Most clients will undergo treatment with 2-3mls of product in a single appointment.

How long do results last?

The treatment results tend to last 6 to 12 months, but the duration of individual results may vary. Top-up treatments are generally recommended on a 6 monthly basis.

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