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Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

From the IVF rollercoaster, through every stage of pregnancy, and beyond, we're here for your skins' ever-changing needs, every step of the way!

by your side throughout the journey ... from start to finish

The motherhood journey is a long one; and over the years we've walked our clients though each and every chapter; from combatting the wildly changing hormone issues of the IVF process, every stage of pregnancy, and postpartum skin rebalancing and restoration.

By tailoring our specialised pregnancy and breastfeeding skin treatments to the unique needs of your skin, and to its varying presentation on the day of your visit, we can keep ahead of the game, and help you to keep your skin as healthy and happy as can be!

Let us take care of your skin throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey, and we help maintain healthy, well-behaved skin throughout the hormonal waves and shifts that motherhood brings

handpicked ingredients =safe treatments

The cosmeceutical-grade skincare products and therapies we offer provide us with documentation around which of their ranges is pregnancy and breastfeeding-safe; and we're guided by this as to which potions and therapies are suitable and safe for you during this important time.

Of course, certain products, such as Vitamin A, and other treatments which may allow absorption into the skin, are off the menu for now, but there are still so many incredible and effective dermal therapies we can offer you!


Man of our clients panic that, once pregnant, they're unable to enjoy their regular anti-wrinkle injections or dermal filler treatments, and worry that all progress achieved will be lost, and that their skin will appear 'aged' or to lose its smoothness that they've come to love.

Time off your regular cosmetic injectables doesn't mean de-railing your skin's progress and going backwards while you're unable to visit your cosmetic injector. We've tailored a skin treatment that is not only pregnancy safe, but is centred around boosting and plumping the skin, hydrating the skin surface and ensuring optimal barrier health and function.



Soothe, nourish and hydrate the skin. Ideal for those suffering from dry, dehydrated or sensitized skin concerns



For those suffering breakouts, or generally misbehaving, hormonal skin concerns



For those missing their injectables! Refresh and revitalize your skin to get you through


Additional Information

*Application type and products used are according to skin type and our recommendation. All products used during treatment are safe for those who are pregnant and breastfeeding

Common Questions

Do I need to book in advance if it's express?

Yes, we require that you book in advance. This will ensure the appropriate specialist is available at the requested time. Our clinicians are experts in their respective fields and will provide the appropriate advice and recommendations according to your requirements.

How do I know which treatment is for me?

For all first time skin clients, our clinicians go through an initial comprehensive skin consultation. We want to have a deep understanding of exactly what your skin needs so we can tailor our treatment plan for you... and only you! Our clinicians want to know your story, so they can make the right choices in terms of recommendation and treatment planning. Don't feel like leaving the house? We also offer virtual consultations, which enables us to assess, consult and prescribe the very best at-home skincare routine and provide you with an individualised treatment plan, from the comfort of your own home!

Eltham Cosmetic Clinic
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The laser genesis is our go-to laser facial treatment for brightening, tightening and boosting your overall ‘glow’ factor.

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