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Achieve zero 'peach fuzz' with the highly sought after Dermaplaning facial (also called Epidermal Levelling)

remove fine hairs & surface congestion

Originally favoured through Asian countries, and now a regularly practiced treatment throughout Australian clinics, this popular treatment is the solution you’ve been looking for those about the tiny, ‘baby fluff’ light-coloured hairs of the face. These fine hairs (known as vellus hairs) although difficult to see, can harbour cellular debris and contribute to congestion and textural issues. They also become more visible when makeup is applied to the skin, and prevent the skin from having a smooth finish!

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immediate results with minimal downtime

Dermaplaning facials promote deeper product penetration because of the exfoliation of dead skin cells sitting on the surface, when pairing this treatment with a chemical peel or oxygenation facial it can enhance the effectiveness and add to the post treatment glow your skin has been begging for!


Dermaplaning Rejuvenation Facial

Includes gentle chemical peel, hydrating mask or oxygenation facial


Additional Information

Common Questions

How does dermaplaning treatment work?

The mechanism dermaplaning is using the finest of surgical blades, to superficially remove not only these blonde hairs, but also thoroughly exfoliate the skin surface, removing the rough dead cells from the surface, revealing smooth glowing skin, which also then enables for deeper product penetration for the rest of the facial treatment. Clients find that their at-home skincare routine suddenly becomes more effective when they’ve had dermaplaning treatments in-clinic, as the product penetration is drastically increased!

Does hair regrowth return darker?

Many clients worry that removing these hairs in this way could trigger ‘thicker’ or ‘darker’ growth when hairs return; we can assure you this won’t be the case. Removing hairs by blading them from the surface has no impact on the thickness or colour of the hairs themselves; these functions are predetermined deep down in the bulb of the hair, which is unaffected by the dermaplaning treatment.

How frequently will I require Dermaplaning Facials?

Clients can opt to have these rejuvenating facials every four weeks if the vellus hair growth (the fine blonde 'baby' hairs) is bothersome from them; and for overall skin health and rejuvenation. Others opt to only add the dermaplaning element to other in-clinic facial trements every few months, or before a social event for beautiful makeup application.

Can I purchase a package of Dermaplaning Facial Treatments?

Absolutely! We have three-pack series options for best value per treatment, or better yet, schedule a consultation with our dermal clinicians and they can tailor a total skin treatment package for you including skincare, for a tailored package price point for the best value for you.

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