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Spider Vein Treatment

Spider Vein Treatment

Most commonly found on the legs, spider veins can be a deep red, blue, purple or black, and can really impact the confidence of those suffering with these vascular issues. From a distance they can appear to look like a blemish or bruise, but upon closer inspection, you can see that they're tiny veins.

While we do educate our clients on the recurring nature of these types of vessels here at ECC, your clinician will always put together a treatment plan, which include both your immediate treatments to remove these little vessels (or significantly reduce them), as well as a maintenance plan for down the track, when you're ready to move to much less frequent visits to maintain your results.

We feel it's important to incorporate the ongoing maintenance element of any treatment into your original plan; to ensure that long-term you won't be required more money or time than you're able to!

To treat these vessels, we use the powerful ‘V- Laser’ by Cryomed, which is a vascular laser specifically designed to safely but efficiently treat these skin lesions, with minimal to no downtime. This is our technology of choice for also eliminating any red vessels (also referred to as 'broken capillaries' of the face and neck, and is a fantastic solution to generalised redness, flushing, rosacea management, and our much-requested laser genesis treatments for collagen boosting. 

During consultation, our practitioners will walk you through the necessary preparation, as well as the treatment process, and all after-care that we need you to do too; to ensure your results are optimal, and to minimise downtime. 

To sit down with one of our degree-qualified dermal clinicians, and obtain a thorough assessment, consultation, guidance and treatment planning, all you need to do is reach out to our team, and we'll do the rest! Call us on (03) 9439 0305, or book online by clicking 'Book Online' from the Home Screen.

You can also reach our dermal clinician Anna directly, with any of your queries or concerns, by e-mailing: 

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful space soon!

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