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Liquid Rhinoplasty

reshape and straighten your most prized facial feature

Liquid rhinoplasty, also known as non-surgical nose job, is a cosmetic procedure that uses dermal fillers to reshape and contour the nose without the need for surgery. Here at Eltham Cosmetic Clinic, our resident doctor is highly trained and experienced in performing this specialised treatment.

what does it involve?

During the procedure, the Dr Michael will inject small amounst of dermal filler (a sterile injectable gel made primarily of hyaluronic acid); injecting the gel strategically in various points of the nose. This subtly alters the shape of the nose instantaneously. The filler is injected into specific areas to add volume, smooth out bumps or dips, or change the angle of the nose. The procedure is quick, with little to no downtime, and results can be seen immediately. This non-surgical option is a great choice for people who are looking to make small adjustments to their nose shape, but are not interested in undergoing a surgical procedure. It is also a good option for people who may not be candidates for surgical rhinoplasty due to medical reasons.

consultation first, always!

It is important to remember that while non-surgical rhinoplasty can be a safe and effective option for some patients, it is not suitable for everyone. It is important to have a thorough consultation with our resident doctor to discuss your goals and any potential risks before proceeding with the treatment.

beautiful results

Dr Michael will thoroughly consult and assess each and every one of his patients before proceeding with the liquid rhino procedure; not only screening for medical eligibility and safety; but to discuss and plan the treatment itself; really listening to your desires and preferences, as well as taking ample time to answer all of your questions too!

maintaining your new nose

Dr Michael recommends re-treating with dermal filler every twelve months; depending on the individual. You may find that the maintenance treatment of your liquid rhinoplasty requires less filler than the original treatment; and with each top-up, some clients see boosted longevity and longer periods of time before needing a top-up.

who is a good candidate?

Liquid rhinoplasty with dermal filler can be used on a wide range of clients, and Dr Michael provides this treatment to clients of all ages and backgrounds. If medically eligible; there is a perfect nose enhancement to suit each and every face; and we believe in providing natural, soft results that respects the natural appearance and harmony of the face; while having a big impact on this important facial feature.

value for investment

We consider the nose to be, for obvious reasons, a pivotal facial feature, and a signature trait unique to each face. We want each client to receive ultimate satisfaction for their investment in their liquid rhino treatment; and we make sure of this by using only the very best dermal filler products, using ultrasound scan prior to treatment to ensure safe outcomes, as well as thorough consultation, assessment and mapping, and not to mention.. The incredible specialised skill of Dr Michael, and his extensive training and expertise in this very niche service!

safety first

It is important to note that like any injectable dermal filler procedure, medical procedure, liquid rhinoplasty with dermal fillers carries certain risks and potential side effects. To mitigate these risks, our doctor uses the latest technology, such as ultrasound imaging, prior to any injection. This allows our resident doctor to visualize the underlying structure of the nose, and where the important underlying blood vessels are located. his helps to ensure that the filler is injected in the correct location, and reduces the risk of complications. Our doctor's use of ultrasound technology also allows for greater precision and control during the procedure, leading to better results for our clients.


liquid rhinoplasty with dermal filler

Including ultrasound scan prior to treatment


Additional Information

*Clients with previous history of nose surgeries including (but not limited to) surgical rhinoplasty, or if injury or break has occurred previously. For more information on if we can perform this for you, please get in touch with our team by calling (03) 9439 0305

Common Questions

What are the risks of liquid rhinoplasty injectable treatments?

How often will I need to maintain my liquid rhino treatment?

Which dermal filler brand / product do you use for liquid rhinoplasty treatments?

Eltham Cosmetic uses one single brand of dermal filler; one of the longest-standing, tried-and-tested brands. The Galderma brand has been used in over 57 million treatments worldwide, and enters its 26th year of being one of the preferred dermal filler products in the industry! We choose these products due to their efficacy, and reliability; consistently delivering the results we provide for our clients.

Can I wear my glasses / sunglasses after I have liquid rhinoplasty treatment?

Who can NOT have liquid rhinoplasty treatment?

Those with a history of nose surgery (for aesthetic purposes or anything at all); those who've sustained a fracture at any point in their lifetime, and those with contraindicating factors to dermal fillers. Dr Michael will thoroughly consult and assess you before proceeding with the treatment, to ensure this treatment is a safe and suitable option for you.

How long does the procedure take?

Liquid rhinoplasty treatment can take between 45-60 minutes, including consultation and ultrasound.

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