Tired of Losing Hair?

Tired of Losing Hair?

Whether it's a receding hairline, bald patches or generalised thinning, right through to alopecia, many of those suffering from loss of hair vitality are suitable candidates for our natural hair regeneration treatments.... and they're easier than you think!

Hair loss and thinning affects people across all genders and identities, age groups and backgrounds. Countless studies show that people of all ages are 'concerned' with hair fall, and with the amount of hair they notice losing each day.

Prevously, the alternative for hair rejuvenation involved spending thousands of dollars and undergoing fairly invasive surgical procedures, often with a no-gaurentee clause in terms of results.

Countless other companies manufacture topical washes, ointments and solutions, with marginal results, and costly maintenance. While we do educate our clients regarding optimal scalp care and pH for healthy hair growth, as well as caring for your scalp during and after your hair rejuvenation treatments with us, we are thrilled to say that we have a more significant and profound way to remedy this issue... Using your very own blood! 

We recommend a trip to your GP prior to starting these treatments as underlying hormonal or health issues may be the cause, and render these treatments ineffective. Efficacy of these treatments can vary depending on various diet and lifestyle factors, such as your overall level of nutrition, smoking and alcohol consumption, and general wellbeing.

For pricing, head to the Hair Regeneration tab in our Treatment Menu, or better yet, get in touch with our friendly team to  schedule an in-clinic or virtual consultation with our treating nurses. You'll be able to ask any burning questions you may have, discuss treatment options, treatment planning and of course package pricing for best value visits.

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