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This used to be our microdermabrasion page; but not anymore... Read below to find out why!


Since our extensive studies of the skin, and learning more and more about the different layers and the important role they play, we came to realise that microdermabrasion actually disrupts the corneocyte layer of the epidermis, which we once believed was a 'dead' layer of skin cells that simply sat on the surface, clogged our pores, and contributed to other skin issues like blackheads, pimples and poor skin texture... but that just isn't the case.

In fact, microdermabrasions can cause a disruption to the natural, healthy function of your all-important skin barrier, and while they may feel smooth and clean at the time, can lead to long-term skin issues.


If you've searched for our Microdermabrasion page in search of a comfortable, straight forward facial treatment that is deep cleansing, ideal for decongesting blockade pores, blackheads and congestion, or your skin is feeling dull, dry, flakey, or in need of some in-depth care at the hands of an experienced clinician, we have much better solutions for you, that will both answer your wishes for immediate improvement and clarity, as well as keep your skin happy long-term!

Head on over to our Laser Glow Facial page, and learn about our comfortable, quick, and thorough skin rejuvenation facials using our state-of-the-art laser technology, that also comes with zero discomfort or downtime (depending on your objectives).


Our experienced team of dermal clinicians and cosmetic nurses recommend adding an LED light therapy session of 10-20 minutes to the end of your Laser Facial service, to supercharge results, to boost the healing and regenerative activity within your skin. Click 'Book Now' button below, and our dermal clinician will walk you through our trademark consultation, assess your skin, then get to work on rejuvenating, decongesting and brightening your skin, for both short and long-term glowing skin!


Signature Laser glow facial

Enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive in-clinic treatment, incorporating a combination of chemical peels, oxygenation treatments, extractions and cosmeceutical-grade products and treatments


Laser Glow 3-Series package

3 Laser facials across three separate appointments, coupled with your choice of LED, enzyme treatment or mask, to optimise the results of your laser treatment


led light therapy add on

Incorporate LED into your microdermabrasion treatment to intensify results, minimise downtime and add to the post-treatment glow!


Additional Information

Skin must be assessed for suitability and safety prior to any treatment taking place.

Common Questions

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