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Sun Damaged Skin: Neck, Chest or Décolletage

The simple and straightforward solution to the small red veins that can appear across the face

Red vessels (broken capillaries)

Utilising the powerful V-Laser, a state-of-the-art vascular laser machine, we can quickly and easily treat spider veins and broken capillaries, which are also referred to as ‘red veins’. These frustrating vessels can appear on the face and body, and using this powerful laser, can be treated quickly and effectively treated by our experienced dermal clinicians.

During consultation, our clinicians will provide insight as to how these conditions occur, and also walk you through the treatment process.

During consultation, our clinicians will provide insight as to how these conditions occur, and also walk you through the treatment process.


Single Session



Ideal for those who have multiple or larger areas with vascular concerns



A full face treatment, designed to diffuse underlying facial redness and stimulate collagen production. Spot treatments included.


Additional Information

By packaging treatments together we are able to offer the best price to maximise cost-effectiveness. Generally, treatment packages includes at-home skincare products where necessary that may be required to ensure safety and avoid adverse reactions

Common Questions

Will the laser procedure feel uncomfortable?

Clients report the treatment feeling ‘hot’, but not unbearable, and it is performed in very little time. Numbing cream or other forms of topical anaesthetic aren’t generally required, but if need be our clinicians apply ice to the area.

What is the expected downtime with this treatment?

Immediately after your vascular laser treatment the areas treated appear reddened and more noticeable than before, and if the full face is being treated then overall flushing is noticeably redder. This lasts between 30 minutes and two hours, and is a normal part of the procedure. Your clinicians will apply soothing gels to the area as well as provide aftercare instructions and products.

Once my vessels have been treated, will they be gone forever?

After 1-4 sessions, the targeted vessels will be either completely invisible or significantly reduced in appearance, however due to the nature of the human body, vessels may recur in the same or nearby area 6-12 months, requiring you to return to the clinic for maintenance treatments. Generally maintenance treatments are a fraction of the cost of the original vascular treatment, are infrequent, and prevent the original state of the vessels ever returning.

Will I need regular maintenance visits to keep my red veins at bay?

Due to the nature of the vessels of our face and body, and of our circulatory system, some vessels can reappear, although rarely as visible as they were. Maintaining your results with 9-12 monthly sessions which are usually very brief clinic visits, is the best way to keep on top of them, and to keep the skin appearing clear and even in complexion. We also require you to maintain your skin health and results with adequate home-care; such as daily SPF use; all of which your treating clinician will explain to you.

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