Express Laser Facial

Express Laser Facial

We understand that at any given time of year, setting time aside for in-clinic facial treatments can be tough, and taking time out of your busy schedule can fall to the bottom of the priority list. So we’ve devised a curated, express laser facial protocol, meaning you get the most effective, change-driven element of a full laser facial, in a third of the time. We realised that we do have clientele who, although they’d love to spend 45 to sixty minutes of their day on our treatment bed for a comprehensive laser facial treatment, their schedule simply doesn’t permit this, but they shouldn’t miss out altogether. The Express Laser Facial takes 15-20 minutes, including check-out time, and is utilising the power of our Medical Grade laser machines.

What can this do for my skin, in such a short space of time? Laser facials promote collagen and visibly plump the skin, improve open pores and help to smooth skin texture, clear away surface congestion ,fine blonde hairs, and any other surface impurities. Laser Facials also target epidermal (superficial) pigmentation, especially when purchased in a series and scheduled regularly at monthly intervals, at a time of day that suits you.

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