SkinBetter Science... Groundbreaking formulations with worldwide acclaim!

SkinBetter Science... Groundbreaking formulations with worldwide acclaim!

We are still in awe of the efficacy and results our clients are seeing with this incredible skincare range! Cleverly blending active ingredients such as glycolic and lactic acids, with other vital components such as hyaluronic acid and 1% retinoid mean that clients see a visible difference in their skin both short and long-term.

The hero product of the range is undoubtedly Alpha Ret, which is a potent blend of glycolic acid with a 1% retinol. You might be thinking... yikes! Two potently resurfacing ingredients paired together seem like a fairly aggressive combo! We were surprised to realise how well-tolerated this combination actually is, and is universally suitable to all skin types*. Due to its retinol component Alpha Ret is a nighttime product only, and will also satisfy those who love using a rich and nourishing ‘night cream’, packed full of hydration and nutrients to bathe the skin in while you sleep.

Those with certain skin conditions will be assessed and guided in their skincare prescriptions as to the most suitable products.

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