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ECC Signature Total Rejuvenation Facial

A customised, tailor-made facial treatment incorporating any modality deemed suitable for your skins current condition

first step - lets get to know your skin

As does any effective treatment, our ECC Signature Rejuvatnion facial will begin with a consultation. We need to gather information that reveals what we need to know, the unique characteristics, behaviours and concerns, as well as your history and past experiences, in order to provide you with the very best service.

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Societe 2-Step Oxygenation Treatment

This two-step professional treatment is the perfect first step, in preparation and performed prior to, a multitude of laser and skin therapies.The Societe Oxygenation Treatment prepares the skin for all manner of skin treatments, based on the concept that stabilised oxygen increases cellular metabolism. By boosting this, and increasing circulation to the skin, all skin functions are stimulated and optimised, including collagen production, sebaceous activity and hydration, melanin production, and also healing processes too. It also acts as an anti-bacterial, targeting acne, sanitises and prepares the skin for extractions by softening any blackheads or cellular debris trapped in the pores so it is more easily removed. It brightens and enlivens dull, tired skin, and has a beautiful effect on pigmented skins too.

The process: First, a foam-like lotion is applied to cleansed, dried skin. Then, 2-3 drops of the catalyst solution is massaged in, causing a warming of the two products, and tripling the volume of foam on the face as the oxygenation process occurs. The warm foam is left to continue to work on the skin for three minutes, or massaged and left for longer depending on the skin treatment objectives.

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If suitable, your clinician will incorporate a chemical peel into your Signature treatment, to brighten and hydrate, decongest, and revitalise the skin texture. We have a range of professional peels on-hand, varying in strengths, and your clinician will use the most suitable option for you, based on desired downtime, and your current skin presentation.

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Cosmedix Alginate Masks

Wake up the skin with a an enzyme peel and soothe with a alginate mask. With ingredients including pineapple, aloe and tumeric, this incredible mask is applied thick and sets on the skin, infusing all of its soothing and nourishing properties into your pores. Alignate masks can also be applied on top of other peels to intensify and optimise your treatment outcomes, while also cooling and soothing the skin. Clients love the experience of adding this mask to the end of their in-clinic treatments. If you would like to include this treatment post-session, please contact us to update your booking details.

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Professional Masques

Our range of professional in-clinic professional masques can be incorporated into any skin treatment, and are designed to boost and optimise your laser or skin treatment, reducing downtime, speeding up healing time, and optimising results. Many of our masques are available for purchase in our online skin boutique, to enjoy your own at-home clinical facial.

Our masque options include the Cosmedix Restore Mask, Cosmedix Detox Mask, Cosmedix Pure Cranberry Enzyme Mask, Cosmedix Rescue Mask and Aspect Probiotic Mask. Please contact our friendly staff for more information in accordance with your requirements.

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To maximise the results from our various skin therapies, we conclude your tailored skin treatment with LED therapy, which is a relaxing and soothing passive treatment.

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ECC Total Rejuvenation Facial

Incorporating a combination of chemical peels, alginate mask, cosmeceutical skin products. and treatments, finishing with an LED light therapy treatment targeted towards your skin concerns


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